Considerations for Power Distribution in Racks

The role of rack systems in A/V system integration includes more than housing equipment. Providing sufficient power, proper grounding and adequate ventilation can all play a vital role in the functionality of a rack system.
Whenever we work with AC power safety must ALWAYS be the first consideration.

Solid wiring practices must be strictly followed as it is sometimes easy to overlook the deadly potential of AC power, especially when the system operator is under the gun and troubleshooting the system becomes neccessary.
When distributing power in a rack is neccessary (not all systems call for it) there are a number of things to consider.

  • Does the system allow for safe and easy plugging and unplugging of equipment?

  • Are components easliy installable and flexible?

  • Is it easy for electricians to ‘hook-up’ to?

  • Are the quantity of individual AC and technical-ground circuits adequate?

  • Is there enough room for expansion if needed?

A couple of the more popular power distribution systems include plug-strips, power-bars (commercial grade),
and duct-powerbars, used in larger, fully-engineered systems.

Although some of the questions presented may seem obvious, just being aware of them may cause great headaches later.

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